Julian Alps hiking trips

Exploring the beauty of Julian Alps.

In the north western corner of Slovenia, close to Austria and Italy, are the limestone mountains known as the Julian Alps. Characterised by high mountain lakes, peaceful alpine valleys and rugged limestone peaks, the Julian Alps retain their distinctive identity and originality.  


Duration: 6-8 h
Level:  medium
Price:  50€ per person (7-8 prs.);   70€ per person (4-6 prs.);   90€ per person (2-3 prs.)

The tour begins in the stud of Kuhinja, followed by the rise on Krn with beautiful view of the valley of Soca river. Stop at the hut on Mt. Krn, then a short walk to the top. Further the way goes to the saddle of Batognica, which is known for its numerous remains of the Isonzo Front (1.st.w.w.). Throughout the hike, we have a very beautiful view of the Julian Alps with Triglav and to the sea. The trail passes Pod Peski and goes up to Lužniško Lake, followed by a descent back into the valley of stud Kuhinja.

We can arrange transfer to the stud of Kuhinja, where the tour starts (surcharge).


Duration: 4-6 h
Level: easy
Price:  47€ per person (7-8 prs.);   55€ per person (4-6 prs.);   80€ per person (2-3 prs.)

From Tolmin to the village of Zatolmin, through the forests leads a path to Vodil top to the saddle and from there to Mrzli Top. The gorgeous views of the surrounding hills and valleys will stop us for a moment. The path goes further towards the mountainof  Pretovč, where you can taste or buy alpine cheese and cottage cheese. Return back to the village of Zatolmin.

For those hwo need more, can walk up to the gorges of Tolminka river. In Tolminka gorges restaurant you can try local food like "Tolmin frika”, (fried patotes with eggs and cheese) “skutnco” (cottage cheese soup), or nut dumplings.


Duration: 5-7 h
Level: medium
Price:  50€ per person (7-8 prs.);   70€ per person (4-6 prs.);   90€ per person (2-3 prs.)

The tour starts with a rise from Tolminske ravne to the stud of Razor. You still continue to ascent against Vogel. Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains, will retain us for quite some time before we rich the ridge of Globoko and descent back to the stud of Razor and onwards towards Tolminske ravne, where you can have a refreshment with real energy bomb - homemade dumplings.

Other option of the trip: Same way up to Vogel. From the top of Vogel you can pass to Bohinj part of mountains and continue towards the ski resort of Vogel. Attractive  downhill drive with "gondola"  follows . Here you will have some free time for swimming in or for a boat ride on the lake. Then a short journey by bus to Bohinjska Bistrica and onwards by train through the Baska valley with many tunnels. The oldest, 100 years old, is also Bohinj tunnel. Our journey ends at Most na Soči.

Possibility of transportation to Tolminske Ravne (surcharge).


Duration: 2-3 h
Level: easy 
Price:  34€ per person (7-8 prs.);   40€ per person (4-6 prs);   60€ per person (2-3 prs)

From Tolmin there will be a shuttle organised to the mountain from where we have 2-3 hours easy walk to Kobilja head, and relish the beautiful views. Descent to Kobala - take off place for the paratroopers, where in fine weather you can see takeoffs ... Colorful paragliders and kites and their descent into the valley...

Other options for the trip: From Tolmin, you can also cycle to the mountain of Stador.  Follows the walking tour...  and then crazy descent with bicycles back to Tolmin. Hike from Tolmin to the mountain of Stador and further to Kobilja head, and return back to Tolmin the same way. (a possibility of transfer back to Tolmin).


Duration: 6-8 h
Level:  high
Price:  50€ per person (7-8 prs.);   70€ per person (4-6 prs.);   90€ per person (2-3 prs.)

The trail begins in Drežnica. Led us past the bivouac to enter the wall - ferato, where we will be equipped with the necessary equipment: helmet, harness, and belay set. First, the rise of the West Drežnica which on half way combines with Koren way, which brings us right under the top or to the hut below the top. The trail is very beautiful but requires alertness and caution, despite the protection. In the hut you can fortify yourself (“jota” with sausage). Then we are before an unsophisticated descent down the Krn panel back to Drežnica.

Possibility of transportation to Drežnica (surcharge).

TRIGLAV (The highest slovenian mountain 2864m)

Duration: 2 days
Level: difficult tour, ferrates in some sections.
Price:  130€ per person (7-8 prs.);   156€ per person (4-6 prs);   200€ per person (2-3 prs)

This tour is very beautiful, because we are constantly surrounded by beautiful mountains and beautiful scenery. The mighty walls, often visited by climbers: the walls of Planjava, the walls of Crests, which is with it’s 1000m, in interest also to BASE JUMPING .... Necessary equipment for the tour: helmet, harness, selfprotection kit


- Transportation in the Zadnjica valley (surcharge).
- Meals in the mountains are at an additional cost. Ration of approx. 8-10 €.
- Food and drink sufficient amounts to have with you in a backpack, a sleeping bag and extra warm clothes.   Jacket.
- You need to be sure that your "new" shoes will not cast you or in any way complicate the walk. Wear a well-established and well known footwear.

What to expect

  • adrenaline
  • adventure in nature
  • driving
  • fun & joy
  • hiking
  • interesting sights
  • local food tasting
  • trip


April - September


09:00, 14:00

What you need

Sport shoes and sport equipment

What is included

Transportation, guidance